Arman Geomatic is Authorised Distributer of SuperMap in Iran


Arman Geomatic selected as distributer of SuperMap in Iran. SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. was founded by scientists from The Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) in 1997. SuperMap is devoted to developing and providing the most innovative Geographic Information System (GIS) platforms and solutions for global customers. More Information About SuperMap..

Arman Geomatic last news:

Feasibility study about Mazandaran Province Spatial Data Infrastructure bigin. This project is a trilatral colaboration between Arman Geomatic, National Cartographic Center(NCC) and Mazandaran Govorner. More Information

UAGGIS Software developed in Arman Geomatic. More Information...

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Arman Geomatic is an Iranian Engineering and Geomatics Company, which has established in 2008. We provide all kind of Geomatics services such as land Surveying, Photogrammetry, Geodatabase Design and GIS Application Development, Tracking Systems and GIS Training for our clients, by implementing cost-effective and efficient services that support their business processes.

Our mission at Arman Geomatic is to be responsive to all our clients geomatics needs. We perform comprehensive assessments their software, hardware, data, staffing, and management requirements. We have teamed with Iran National Cartography Center (NCC) Experts and in this way, Arman Geomatic is able to deliver timely, high quality, innovative GIS-based solutions. Our goal is to be recognized as the premier geomatics firm in the Middle East. A goal we hope to reach by maintaining our tradition of quality service for each of our clients.

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